​About integration

Groovy Mega Menu plugin is compatible with almost any theme, but automatic integration does not always work correctly with some themes from the box. In this case, integration trough the child theme or manual integration is required. Read more about that below

Automatic integration

It is important to understand that way of mega menu integration does not remove or disable the built-in menu in the WordPress theme that you use. Automatic integration only adds a Groovy menu to the very top of the site.

The plugin is compatible with almost any themes, but automatic integration does not always work correctly with some themes, in this case "Integration through Child theme" or "Manual integration" is required.

The built-in menu, if one is provided in your theme, you need to disable in the theme settings or through the customizer, if the theme developer provided such an opportunity.

Otherwise, you need to disable the built-in menu manually through the code, do not forget that this must be done through the child theme.

Integration into location

Integration into the location allows you to select specific areas in the website layout, provided that the theme developer took care of such an opportunity. It does not disable the built-in your theme header or menu.

Integration through the Child theme

Integration through the Child theme is the most correct way to integrate a mega menu into your WordPress theme and remove (disable) the built-in menu. This method is available only for WordPress Themes that are already in our Child's database.

We regularly add such Child themes to the Groovy Mega Menu Plugin library for your convenience with menu integration.

Manual integration

Menu plugin manual integration is necessary doing if all above described integration methods did not work for you.

You can do it yourself if you have such skills. Or we can help you with this, we provide a manual integration service.

Note that you need to use only one method of integration