Note. The data update is required for this update


  • Compatibility with Beaver Builder for Menu blocks
  • Compatibility with Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder for Menu blocks
  • Ability to change the <header> tag for menu layout. Now you can choose between <header> and <div>. The setting can be found in the Dashboard > Global Settings > Tools


  • The menu output (markup and all other code) now generated before the formation of the  <HEAD> template.
  • The implementation of the sticky menu appearance. Now it works more smoothly.
  • In autointegration mode, the groovy_menu_js_request function is now called the same as in manual integration, respecting the location of dependent scripts
  • Previously, in the Appearance > Menus for nested elements, we allowed not to display an element, if for navigation labels we set a dash (-) for nested elements.
    But now we have the setting Do not show the menu item title and a link that does the same, but with all levels not only nested. Therefore, the hyphen functionality was removed to avoid duplication, and the data was transferred to a new parameter.


  • Online library presets


  • Compatibility bug with Elementor Builder
  • The color of the text of the top level menu in the sticky mode is interrupted by the color from the default mode in hover style 1
  • Redundant group_start / group_end values were in json preset
  • Perfect scrollbar sometimes falsely worked for a mega menu
  • The picture for the menu was not displayed on the front background if it was small in size
  • Wrong location of the minicart icon relative to the remaining items in hover style 7
  • Menu canvas and container width setting did not work in some modes
  • Google Font should be called on the head and not on the body.
  • Several minor bugs