• "Slider opening style" for mobile menu has been optimized. Reduced the number of JavaScript calculations required for this type of menu to work.


  • New setting "Mega menu links left / right padding" in section General > Mega menu
  • New setting "Top level hover line thickness" for Hover style 2, 5 and 7.


  • Added an additional check for cases when the $ _SERVER global variable does not contain the "SERVER_NAME" parameter.
  • Fixed and improved "Animated Hamburger icon". Improved positioning of the Hamburger icon relative to the center of the menu block and sticky menu.
  • Setting "Icon size" for WooCommerce mini cart icon on the mobile menu.
  • "Animated Hamburger icon" for the mobile menu correct operating the font size, padding, and colors from the Side icon settings.
  • Some fixes in UI styles in the Groovy Menu Dashboard.
  • Fixed re-initialization of the Sticky menu on the mobile resolutions at changing the height of the browser window.
  • Increased time spacing for (debounce) to trigger the scroll handler and resize the browser window. This reduces the overall load on the browser during speed navigation with large graphic content inside the menu.
  • The setting "Letter Spacing" for menu items inside the Mega menu has been fixed.