• The issue with overlapped mega menu blocks
  • If the menu block created using Divi builder has been assign in the menu the link to the editor in wp-adminbar was replaced.
  • Added minor fixes that help in some cases prevent changes Groovy Menu styles through WordPress templates.
  • Some issues that appeared in the type of menu "Expanded sidebar" have been fixed.


  • Optimized opening/closing submenus and mega menus for all types of menu. Added time delays to close dropdown menus. This will allow the site visitors to improve the experience with menu interaction and move on smoothly to adjacent drop-down menus diagonally.
  • Settings for "Submenu" and "Mega menu" has been moved into own sections
  • Removed side paddings for Mega menu.


  • New option "Mega menu background color".
  • New option for Expanded sidebar "Submenu width".