• Now is possible to assign menus for custom taxonomies. The settings are available in the global settings on the Taxonomies tab.


  • New feature to assign Groovy menu preset or nav-menu for specific tags and categories for custom taxonomies.
  • Added additional link color settings if "Top level menu background color when submenu (s) are opened" is enabled.
  • Scroll speed setting for "Internal submenus scrollbar".
  • Added feature to assign any Menu Block as Toolbar.
  • Added feature to assign any Menu Block as Bottom bar.
  •  For mega menus with large height size fixed a bug with calculating the page height on initial load.
  • For "Icon Sidebar" menu type, if there is no icon at the first menu item, the first character from the Title of this menu item will be displayed as an icon.
  • Fixed bug when for top-level menu were assigned the "Mega Menu" and "Mega menu background image" the image was displayed even if the "Mega Menu" setting was already disabled for this menu item.