• New setting for nav-menu item "Mega menu dropdown custom width" in Appearance > Menus > Groovy menu item options. Is apply for container of menu.

Setting Mega menu custom width placed in Appearance > Menus

  • New setting for nav-menu item "Frozen link" in Appearance > Menus > Groovy menu item options.  Is disabled opening link at click, other features remains working.

  • New setting for Mega Menu "Highlight the titles of the megamenu on hover state and active"in Preset > General > Mega Menu. It's apply for mega menu titles that contain links. Highlight the title with colors according to the settings as for usual menu items.

  • Added setting that allow choose animation for Side Icon (hamburger icon) for the Expanding sidebar menu type.

  • Fixed visualization of late transition of the sticky menu to its normal state.
  • The default logo position is shifted below the Side icon in the "Expanding sidebar" menu type.
  • Take into account 0 line width for Side border & Top level menu bottom border in Expanded menu type.


  • Improved animation speed when dividing lines appear in Top level menu items and animation of changing logotypes in "Expanding sidebar" menu type.