• In some rare cases, WP didn't add IDs for menu items. A fix has been made to add these IDs without fail.
  • Removed HTML inserts for title & description from the global config. In some rare cases on the server side, reading such a config led to bugs with caching the HTML output.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue when editing Menu Block with Cornerstone builder (X Theme, Pro theme).
  • Additional check after AJAX to update the number of products in the Woocommerce mini-cart mobile version.


  • Added a new setting in the Global setting: "Disable internal Fonts".
  • Added a new setting in the Global settings: "Allow use preloader for internal fonts". Allows you to speed up the loading of the FontAwesome & Groovy Menu Internal font.
  • Added the ability to display the Groovy Menu using the [groovy_menu] shortcode. This allows you to insert it into almost any widget or Custom HTML block in content editors.