What a sidebar is

Sidebar in WordPress is the area containing widgets for display of information which is not a part of the main content. It is not always a vertical column on the side. It may be a horizontal rectangle on the left or on the right of content or in the footer. Sidebars are very important in WordPress for display of content differing from the main posts. For example, a short list of the latest articles, the latest comments, a random menu of page list or post categories can be easily displayed across the whole site or on its specific pages.

What widgets are

WordPress widget is a small block carrying out a certain function. This is basically a small program which generates and shows specific HTML code with information in a set area of the theme (this area is called a sidebar).

Where widgets can be applied

Widgets are mainly applied in sidebars and are controlled from dashboard of WordPress, in menu “Appearance > Widgets”. Crane theme contains sidebars for Blog, Portfolio, WooCommerce pages and for each type of the site footer. Any widgets can be located in them. Various sidebars can be used depending on settings of the theme or specific pages and categories.

Some widgets are added to Visual Composer editor and therefore can be used in the content body.

Widgets supplied with Crane theme

Crane theme offers its additional widgets with the word "Grooni" at the beginning of their name.