Article UI Kit for creation blog, magazine or newspaper sites

Article UI Kit
Article UI Kit
Article UI Kit

About Article UI Kit

Free UI kit for Blog, Magazine and Newspaper sites.
Minimalistic kit, modern and trendy design with a hint of google material design UI Kit features. There are more than 100 useful web interface elements and components for the fast creation of websites at your disposal.

Article UI Kit is your brilliant assistant for the creation of both prototypes and ready-to-use design solutions for your web sites and projects, including features for the creation of WordPress themes design. The UX kit is designed on the basis of fully scalable vector shapes.
For your convenience, we divided all elements into the following categories: Headers and Menu, Sign In screens, Navigation, Footers, Buttons, Article Thumbnails, Articles pages. In total this Photoshop UI Kit include 12 PSD files.

We included various widgets into the Kit, such as calendar, ratings, blog tabs, weather, widgets of social posts, etc. We’ve made ready to use templates of Blog and Magazine pages. We did our best to make your work easier.

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